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Chimney Caps

A proper fitting cap will also prevent birds, squirrels & raccoons from nesting in your flue. Ensure that no debris, leaves and limbs collect in your flue and block your chimney. We install stainless steel and copper chimney caps which have a limited lifetime warranty.

Chase Tops

Chase tops rust, corrode and deteriorate over time. We replace old galvanized tops with .040 thick aluminium which are stronger, rust resistant and provide you with years of protection from the elements. Each top is custom made according to your chimney’s specification.

Chimney Pots

European Copper Chimney Pots enhance the architecture of your home and are superior to clay chimney pots. They provide rain protection, deter pests, assist in chimney draft and serve as a spark arrester. Available in 4 sizes to crown your home with the elegance of copper.

Lock Tops

Traditional fireplace dampers do not provide an air tight seal like a Lock top can. Lock Top Dampers seal tight with a silicone rubber gasket which keeps from heat or air conditioning escaping your home through the chimney. Lock Top Dampers are top mounted with an easy to use handle for open and closing.