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Roof Cleaning

Is your roof showing stains from algae growth, detracting from your home's curb appeal? Roof stains caused by algae attack start out as areas of light discoloration then turn to unsightly black or dark brown streaks. We can deep clean your roof and protect it to keep ugly stains from returning.

Gutter Cleaning

Are you tired of the highwire act of cleaning your gutters? Coffman's Chimney Sweeps can clear your gutters and downspouts for you.

Deck Cleaning

Do you remember how nice your deck looked when it was new -- before sun and moisture took its toll? We can restore and maintain that look on decks, fences and siding with professional strength products. Our unique system safely cleans and brightens natural and pressure treated lumber giving it a beautiful, water repellent finish that lasts. We can save you the hassle and keep your wood looking like new!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clearing the vent for your dryer will increase the efficiency and eliminate fire hazards waiting to "ignite".